Working USB host for HTC HD2 with WM6.5


Here comes another great project from DFT and Cotulla – working USB host for HTC HD2!

This app contains drivers designed to allow you to connect different USB devices to HTC LEO (HTC HD2). Those drivers are designed for Windows Mobile 6.5 and they were successfully tested on 3.14 ROM (test it on your ROM).


  1. Install
  2. Install DFT_LEO_USBH_WM65.CAB
  3. Reset your device

How-to use it:

  1. Start USBH Switch from the Programs menu
  2. Press “Switch to Host” button
  3. Connect a host device
  4. After some time it should be detected
  5. You can try to use it now
  6. After usage you need to reset your phone to go back to the USB client mode

For using the USB host ability you will need a special cable or self-powered USB hub. More information can be found here

Download and more info

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