HTC Droid Eris custom ROM – Tainted Vanilla V1.1

*Most of SenseUI including:
Mail.apk (replaced with vanilla)
Mms.apk (replaced with vanilla)
Music.apk (replaced with vanilla)
*Gmail.apk (use the vanilla mail program instead, it’ll give you a unified inbox!)

*Rotary dialer lock screen
*Vanilla DeskClock (use this for alarms)
*Vanilla MMS
*Vanilla (droid) Email
*Vanilla Music
*Vanilla Contacts

Other changes:
*Add task killer tweak for speed
*Experimental support for apps2sd (please test and report back success/failure!)
*Zipalign all *.apk files to optimize RAM usage
*Changed boot animation
*Disabled OTA updates
*Changed default wallpaper


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