PlayStation bluetooth gamepad for Windows Mobile and Android devices


This is a really good PlayStation style bluetooth gamepad from China that was made for Windows Mobile devices, but thanks to the Bluez-IME developer it now works with all Android 2.2+ devices too!

The build quality is great, also the internal 450mAh battery lasts for a few days and can be easily recharged via a microUSB cable. The controller has two LEDs (one to show you the Bluetooth connectivity status and one for the charging status), a microUSB port for charging and an automatic standby mode (after around 2 minutes).

The standby mode will usually automatically activate once you haven’t used the pad for 1 minute and 42 seconds. To reactivate the pad you only need to press and hold the Start button. By holding the Start button you also have the option to enter the standby mode when you wish to.

The gamepad is for sale on ebay, click here for more info.

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