HTC HD2 Receives Windows Phone 8 Port!

HTC HD2 Receives Windows Phone 8 Port!

Windows Phone 8 boots on the HTC HD2


We’ve got some HOT news here – Windows Phone 8 successfully boots on the HTC HD2!

Of course, the information comes from Cotulla ( and shows the latest Microsoft’s platform – Windows Phone 8 running on the HTC HD2, the pictures are just posted as a proof of concept, and not an actual release.

Windows Phone 8 is a completely new OS and there is nothing similar to the previous versions – Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and 7.8 are based on the CE kernel, the new one is based on the NT kernel that’s a way more heavy system for the HD2’s hardware. There will be a need of custom drivers too, faster SD cards and a lot of tweaks and mods to get running the new Windows Phone 8 properly.

Anyway, HTC HD2 is the best smartphone ever made – this post just proves it again!

Here is what Cotulla says about the port:

For now it’s actually just a proof of concept.
I honestly dunno how far it can goes forward; a lot of problems appear and not sure will be it’s possible to solve them.
And not only to solve them, but get an acceptable user experience.

It was implied as “a crazy experiment” at the start up time.

For now it’s implemented only few functionality like SD card, screen output, touch screen input.
All other things are not working. I won’t add “YET” it can be very hard to get some things to work.
and DFT didn’t yet decided about future developments in that direction.

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