How to unlock your chinese PNA navigation to boot into Windows CE

Chinese GPS PNA Unlock

Chinese GPS PNA Unlock

Transform your chinese PNA GPS navigation into a portable computer with full unlocked Windows CE OS:

Chinese GPS PNA - Windows CE Unlock

Chinese GPS PNA – Windows CE with unlocked desktop / explorer.

Here is a very simple hack (trick) to unlock your Chinese no name PNA GPS device to the original Windows CE dektop (removing the manufacturer shell from startup), after that you can install any Windows CE software on it and use it as PDA / portable computer.

1. Create a text file called YFGo2CE.bld. The file’s contents can be anything but must be at least 1 byte.
2. Copy the YFGo2CE.bld file to the root directory of the SD card
3. Power off (not sleep) the GPS, then switch it back on


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