Repair bricked PNA / GPS Navigation with Windows CE

This guide is for bricked/dead YFGPS 3.5″ Chinese / no name PNA devices (GPS Navigations with Windows CE), most of them are made by YFGPS,  and the only difference between all models is the main housing. If your PNA is powered by SAMSUNG S3C2440 400Mhz, Windows CE 4.2 and the screen is 3.5″ – this guide is for you 🙂

First, you need to know, which is your PNA version? Type of Nand Flash/ SDRAM/ Processor?

Here we have some specs example of YFGPS device:

ROM Version: V26_Y17S_T4_1_10, WINCE 4.2 CORE for PNA GPS_MODEL_17_S_V1 2006-11-04
CPU: Samsung S3C2440AL-40 400MHz
ROM: NANDFLASH 32MB (Samsung K9F5608U0D)
RAM: SDRAM 64MB (2 x W9825G6CH-75)
LCD: TFT 3,5″

How-to flash your bricked/dead PNA and bring it to the life again:

1. Place all files on a FAT formatted SD card (don’t use SDHC cards):


Download the files

Note: in the GPS.rar archive there two versions of the ROM, if your device starts with inverted colors use the files from the second archive.
2. Reboot your PNA, now it will get start the update process.

Windows CE GPS PNA updating the ROM

Windows CE GPS PNA updating the ROM

Follow the instructions on the screen and you will get to the main menu after few minutes 🙂

Windows CE PNA GPS booting flashed Windows CE

Windows CE PNA GPS booting flashed Windows CE

You are done, your Windows CE PNA GPS is working again!


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