Hack – Windows Mobile 6.5 with 5 columns Start Menu in portrait


Here is the xml code for this hack (you need to go to Windows forlder of the device and modify StartMenu_GridScene_230x320.cpr for QVGA devices):

Original source

<Form Width="240" Height="320"> <StartMenu_GridScene ID="Scene"> <GridView ID="Start Menu Items List" Top="0" Left="0" Width="240" Height="268" Columns="5" Scrollable="TRUE" HexagonGrid="TRUE" HorizontalWrapAround="TRUE" PaginatedScrolling="TRUE"> <Image ID="Selection" Left="0" Top="0" Width="64" Height="64" Source=".\StartMenu_Selection.png" /> <Layer ID="GridItem" Width="64" Height="64" OnAction="GridItemAction"> <Layer ID="Normal"> <Image ID="Image" Left="21" Top="3" Width="24" Height="24" ScaleStyle="Fit" /> <Text ID="Text" Left="11" Top="36" Width="45" Height="29" FontFamily="Tahoma" FontSize="7" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Top" Wrap="True" Trimming="EllipsisCharacter" ForeColor="#00FFFFFF" BackColor="#00000000" /> </Layer> </Layer> <Layer ID="NoItems"> <Text ID="Text" Width="240" Height="20" FontFamily="Tahoma" FontSize="10" ForeColor="#00FFFFFF" Wrap="False" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Trimming="Character" InnerTextType="Resource">shellres.dll,22596</Text> </Layer> </GridView> </StartMenu_GridScene> </Form>

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