WP7 Mango ROM build 7720 for HTC HD2 – released!

MangoRTM build 7720 for HTC HD2 – released!

Special thanks to YukiXDA, Football, OndraSter and Cotulla!

The big news are:

A WP7 ROM for HTC HD2 which is able to update like any other devices:

  • You can use Zune for official updates or use the new tool to send some custom packages
  • You can now backup and restore your device
  • Before a new update wait for a dev test to see if a corrective package has not to be applied before

“This fantastic piece of work includes a feature that will allow devs to update the ROM via installable packages, which would be of tremendous help to both devs and users. Just think of this as the Windows Phone 7 equivalent of zip packages for Android.

Read more and download the ROM


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