Comparison between the voice-search functionality in iOS 6 and Android 4.1

When the Samsung Galaxy SIII came out, the Korean company were quite proud with what they had done with the S-Voice feature. Most people though found to be unsatisfying, at least compared to Siri in the iPhone. Happily, though, Google have decided to tackle this problem on their own and the result is a voice-search service, which makes any other such technology completely unnecessary.

Siri vs. Google Search
Siri vs. Google Search


As hard as it is to believe, this new feature is actually better than Siri in a lot of ways, though Apple’s voice assistant does have its strengths as well. That’s why TechBuffallo have made a short video, showing how the two devices stack up against each other and the result are very promising. While Siri often has to ask additional questions, Google Search just gets the job done. Also, because of the way Siri announces the requested information, you receive it slower than with Search, which is not only faster in providing you the information you need, but also sounds a lot more human like. B. A.

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