Alarm Clock Ultra for Android

Android Alarm clock apps are typically feature light affairs, but Alarm Clock Ultra manages to pack in a crazy amount of features into a beautifully-packaged Android app.

Accidentally disabling your alarm is a thing of the past with the unique ‘Puzzle To Snooze/Dismiss’ functionality, you’ll be wide awake and raring to go every time you wake up. If you really struggle to get out of bed on a morning, try the Math to Dismiss feature – a great brain kick start.

Alarm Clock Ultra for Android

Alarm Clock Ultra for Android


Each alarm you create comes with a huge array of customization options. You can gradually increase the intensity of your chosen alarm sound, limit the number of times you can hit snooze.

Other features include a quick-start nap mode that lets you set a get a few minutes sleep with one quick tap, a built-in egg timer for your breakfast egg. The app even features social media integration, so you can check and update your facebook and twitter feeds right from the clock page, awesome stuff indeed. Latest news headlines with your choice of topic can also be brought into the app, so you can wake up and check what’s happening around the world.

Most features are available in an ad-supported free version, but $3 gets rid of the ads and unlocks the whole app.

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