GPS application plugin for WM6.5 Titanium

Logs your GPS Coordinates at an interval of 5 minutes

How does it work?
After running the application, it will turn ON your phone’s GPS and log your current coordinates in a csv file. If it is able to get a valid coordinate, it will turn your GPS OFF and then wait for 5 minutes before turning it ON again.

First Panel:
– tapping on the panel will turn on the GPS
– first text line shows the status of CGPS (on/off)
– second text line shows the number of satellites and the status of your phone’s GPS
– third line shows your Latitude and Longitude
– right soft key’s function is to close/exit CPGS

Second Panel:
– will allow you to send an sms to one of your contacts with your last logged GPS coordinate and also a link to open Google Maps (installation is required on the receiving phone) and point your location.


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