The future of webOS

WebOS Tablet
webOS Tablet


After weeks of thinking, HP have finally decided what to do with webOS. According to a letter sent by the company’s CEO, the platform will continue to exist and will even become open source. Its development is going to depend mainly on the webOS developers, but HP are also going to help speed the process up and invest in it, which is great news for the fans of webOS.



We should probably remind you, that HP invested a total of $3 billion before giving up on the platform. In an additional statement, HP also announced they’d open the ENYO Javascript platform, along with the other interface features. Overall they’re aiming to make it a better open source platform then Android, which is mainly controlled by Google, even though it’s distributed under an open source license. In yet another announcement, Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, mentioned that webOS tablets may be back in 2013. As far as we know, HP are going to concentrate on Windows 8 devices next year. B. A.

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