Telefonica To Offer A Smartphone Running Mozilla’s Platform

Mozilla Boot2Gecko smartphones
Mozilla Boot2Gecko


During the Mobile World Congress, Mozilla announced, that they’re going to partner with Telefonica in the development and distribution of their new web-based mobile platform. Later this year devices, using Qualcomm chips, are going to be introduced, running on the so called Open Web Devices operating system, which is based on Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko project. The company is actually using Linux as a base for their platform, but with the Gecko engine, used in Firefox, to take care of the application and interface rendering.


Mozilla Boot2Gecko OS
Mozilla Boot2Gecko OS


The main purpose of the project is creating devices, which have the capabilities of normal smartphones, but are cheaper to make and could be sold for the price of a normal phone. According to Telefonica, the platform itself is going to help reduce the cost for both the developing and manufacturing of the mobile devices, which is going to give them an edge over the current Android and iOS devices, which are just too expensive for some markets. Meanwhile Mozilla are working on providing access to the hardware components for the web technologies by creating new JavaScript API. The company is actually aiming to turn the whole platform into an open source project.

The first OWD device is going to rely on a Qualcomm chip, but the final characteristics are still unknown. Judging by the focus on developing markets, the device is probably going to be less impressive than the ones revealed at the Mobile World Congress, but that isn’t really a bad thing. Because of it’s simple architecture, which relies only on HTML and Linux, their OS is very light and has lower requirements. It’s also still unknown, which manufacturer is going to release a device with this platform first, but rumors have it, that it’s going to be LG, despite the fact, that OWD is currently being demonstrated on a Samsung Galaxy SII. B. A.

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