The First Windows Phone Device On The Chinese Market Is Going To Be An HTC

HTC Titan WP7 smartphone
HTC Titan


The first smartphone, running Microsoft’s mobile platform, to be sold in China is going to be the HTC Titan. The device is actually going to be called the Triumph, instead of Titan, but hardware wise there should be no difference. The phone is going to be running Windows Phone Tango – the update, which actually introduced Chinese support for the OS. The software is also going to be a bit different, as the social applications, such as Facebook and Twitter are going to be replaced with their local equivalents, as demanded by Chinese law.

Windows Phone Tango OS
Windows Phone Tango


The fact that HTC are going to be the first to offer Windows Phone devices on the Chinese market is actually a bit surprising, because Nokia and ZTE had also announced, that they’re going to begin selling their devices in the People’s Republic.The Triumph is going to be available in China on 14.03 with quite a high price – $700. B. A.

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