Intel and NVIDIA to Attack the Feature Phone Market With Powerful Processors

Intel and NVIDIA smartphones
Intel and NVIDIA


The feature phone market may change drastically very soon, because of the plans NVIDIA and Intel hold for it. The giants are going to attack the market with very low prices for the processors, which are normally used in higher-end smartphones. This information is coming from Netbook News, which have received it from sources in the mobile industry. According to them, the companies have decided to debut on the feature phone market, because it’s still a lot bigger than the smartphone market and the possibilities are almost limitless. The rumors also state, that the budget phones are going to cost between $100 and $150 and the chips, featured in them, are going to be the Tegra 2 (NVIDIA’s high-end chip from last year) and a recently released Medfield series chip from Intel. B. A.

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