iPhone5 rumours

It has not been too long Apple introduced iPhone4 to the customers. But there have been loads of rumors about Apple’s iPhone5. Why Apple will bring about a change and introduce iPhone5 so quickly? Well, that is also a matter of discussion. This article explains why there are lots of rumors about iPhone5 and the reason behind its production. It may so happen that it might be released in early of 2011. But do remember that it is a rumor. Yet It is quite strong and we must have belief in it. We will also cover up the new features that are expected to come with new iPhone5. So, here we go:

The main problem with Apple’s iPhone 4 was the antenna. It had many issues with that. So, Apple might have thought of launching a new generation iPhone with all the new facilities and resolving the issues too!!! Also it will please all the customers who were troubled by the reception problem through antenna. But again there is a contradiction. A recent poll about customer satisfaction level for iPhone4 says that the customers showed very positive remarks towards the product. Well, we are going to think that it is mainly the antenna issue that may force Apple to release the new iPhone 5.

Now let us come to the design and looks part. Apple might have thought to release a new device with lots more features and which will be available in wide range of colors. It is just a speculation, but it is quite good to do this!! You never know what is gonna happen.

According to us the important thing that needs to be changed and should be found in iPhone 5 is the battery quality. In iPhone 4 the battery quality is not up to the standard. Once it is old it won’t stand with you for long. It will be drained out quickly and one thing that you can do is sending that to Apple and getting it replaced. So, we think the new iPhone 5 must have a long lasting battery. Also it will be very nice if Apple implements the usage of removable batteries in iPhones and iPads. Certainly many people will need that as the market is growing and so is the competition. So, it would be good to see Apple implementing our new idea.

Well, we can not think of any other areas where it needs improvements. Apple has really done an amazing job by introducing iPhone 4. It is quite good except for the battery and the antenna which are going to be solved subsequently. But as the days are being passed people are forgetting the issues with the antenna. So, let us stop speculation and wait for the new iPhone to arrive. We will see at that time what new features are brought near us. Till then just keep your fingers crossed and let us hope iPhone 5 to rock the smartphones market.


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