Review: iPhone 4 Puro Line Cover – Light Blue

Puro is the newest line of iPhone cases from Idea Italia, an Italian business company specialized in mobile accessories design and distribution . iPhone 4 Cover Puro Line features four different models of iPhone 4 cases, each featuring a unique colour combination with the Puro logo printed on the back side of the iPhone 4 Cover.

The light blue iPhone 4 Puro Line Cover has the IPC4LINE3 code. The iPhone 4 case is made of hard plastic and features the back side with many stripes of pastel colours on a blue base.

The top and the bottom sides of the iPhone 4 case are open to ensure full access to the Dock and connectors for headphones and speakers, microphone and the power button. For the camera and LED flash, there is a well-shaped opening, as well as the volume buttons and the switch to silent mode.

Everything is easily accessible thaks to the reduced thickness of the plastic, so that you can even activate the silent mode with one hand.

This iPhone 4 case fits right up to the frame / antenna, so it protects the back very well from scratches, also adding a little colour and customization without too much clutter, but it is does not protect the front. Applying a standard iPhone 4 screen protector on the screen can solve this problem.

Essentially, this iPhone 4 cover is targeted at customers who choose style in the first place, and as far as style is concerned, designers from Idea Italia have done a marvelous job.

The most striking feature of iPhone 4 Puro Line Cover is its truly great colour scheme, very reminiscent of popular blog themes. iPhone 4 Puro Line Cover is not among the cheapest iPhone accessories, however, the iPhone case has many positive aspects, but one of the main reasons to choose one is likely to be for the sake of aesthetics.

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