Google Drive finally released

After months of rumors about Google’s cloud service, known as Drive, it has finally been released. The applications allows not only storing files, such as pictures, music, etc., online, but also makes them available for viewing and downloading from multiple devices – currently it’s supported by Windows, Mac and Android with iPhone, iPad and Linux versions coming soon. Google Drive comes with 5GB of free storage space and, of course, you can upgrade your account later on. Prices start from just $2.49 per month for 25GB, through $4.99 for 100GB and than continue to go up by $5 for every 100GB. The largest amount of space you can get is 16TB, which is going to set you back by $799.99 monthly.

Google Drive
Google Drive


Thanks to its integration with Google’s other services, Drive is going to be especially appealing to people, who already use such Google services and/or have an Android device. Some of these tempting features are the integration with Google Docs, which allows different users to comment on and even edit the same document simultaneously. Some other interesting features are the possibility to attach documents, which are stored online, to emails and Drive’s ability to recognize text in scanned documents and search for certain words or phrases. B. A.

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