Google prepares the Android Market for Tablets

A few hours ago, Google sent a message to the registered authors of applications for Android, which informs them that for a period of six hours on November 18, they will not be able to publish new software or updates for existing on the Android Market. As a reason be stated routine maintenance, but the longer suspension may mean something else. It seems that Google is preparing for major changes in store for applications, as in the console publishing software now has new things. The site Android Police have noticed a new option for the publication of the icons of applications with higher resolution, larger images of the interface and even add a link to a promo video on YouTube. The new version of Android Market is likely to be presented shortly and is not excluded that to happen with the arrival of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Adding graphics with higher resolution might suggest that Google is preparing a service for better compatibility with the tablets, but it is possible to launch a Web interface to access the store.

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