Berlin Light Show – the Future by Airbus (sponsored video)

For frequent travelers and those who stay abreast of the news, it is a known fact that Airbus is ahead of all other companies. They are in support of changes in the aviation industry, missions, and public events. It is not surprising that Airbus was able to organize a spectacular light show in Berlin, called the “Smarter Skies.”

The Airbus show was a 4D projection that left spectators with their mouths hanging open. It started as a paper airplane and evolved into a spectacular exhibition. The show was awesome, fantastic and showed aspects of smart aircraft operations. By 2050, Airbus plans on scheduling more frequent flights that will be less expensive and have fewer emissions.

Airbus recognizes that flights are so expensive as to be cost prohibitive to most people. The fact that no one focuses on lower costs results in people seeking methods of transportation that are less expensive.

This post is sponsored by Airbus.

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