Manila Today Page for EnergyROMs

Manila Today Page was originally created for people who are using applications with Today screen plug-ins. When you use Manila or Sense, you are no longer able to display the old Today screen. Manila Today Page installs an extra tab, containing your Today screen plug-ins. This is a modified version of Manila Today Page, compatible with EnergyROM’s.

Installation instructions:
1) Install the cab file
2) Perform a soft reset
3) You should now see a second tab called Today Screen. If not, go to /Windows, delete ManilaFull.xml and perform a soft reset.
4) Select the Today Screen tab and tab the MTP Settings button to configure MTP.
5) Only select Today as Target Page, all others will not work.
6) tab the Items tab to select the plug-ins you want to display on the Today Screen tab.
7) Click the apply button
8) Close the MTP Configurator. If you are using WM 6.5.3, you will see no close button and thus have to close it through the task manager.


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