HTC HD2 DFT UltraFruit ROM – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Build 7740

Windows Phone 7.5 UtraFruit ROM for HTC HD2
Windows Phone 7.5 UtraFruit ROM for HTC HD2


Here is the UtraFruit ROM from DFT/Cotulla – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Build 7740 for HTC HD2/LEO.

Included languages: ENG, GER, RUS, CHS, CHT.

The best thing about this UtraFruit ROM is the improved camera quality and the fixed power drain issue after every reboot.

Also, it’s fully unlocked, so you can install every apps that you want 🙂

Thank you DFT team (Cotulla, bepe, mwang, mamaich), HD2Owner, ultrashot and Julien Schapman.


“After a hard and long work during year, our team (DFT) proudly presents our ROM”


*Heavy improved camera quality*

The quality of photos now is almost same as in original WM65 ROM
But still some minor issues presents.
Was implemented “Special camera keys” mode:
During active camera you can use VOL DOWN button as focus and GREEN button as shot button.
Also you can make shots via screen taps.

*Was implemented ability to change keyboard layout*
Green, Home, Win and Back keys are remappable.
ROM contains “Settings Ex” application which was done by ultrashot.

*New touch screen driver*
With better multitouch support and fingers tracing.
Unfortunately some problems still exist, like very close positions of the fingers are considered to be equal.
Seems it’s issue of touchscreen hardware and can not be fixed via software.
Touchscreen wake up time decreased, but still near 200 ms.

*Sound quality was improved. Volume levels was fixed.

*Keylight works now*
Default timeout time is 10 seconds.

*WLAN: Activated Internet sharing*
MAC address now is fixed after reboot and different for different devices.

*Power drain issue after reboot was fixed.

*ROM is Full Unlocked. So you can install and run native applications.

*You can install XAP files from internet.
Used XAP Deployer by ultrashot with ability to update already installed applications.

*ROM can be updated, for example to the newest build 8107.
After update Full Unlock still works.
SD card not locked after update. Stay unlocked.

*Contains built in registry editor and file explorer applications (their author is Julien Schapman)

*Contains built in HTC Flashlight, Connection setup and Photo Enhancer.

*Many other files was taked from the new WP7F ROMs.

*Added device picture in Zune (author is HD2Owner)

*Market space access fixed. Device now has “HTC Schubert” name.

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