LED Flashlight app for Windows Phone

LED Flashlight for Windows Phone
LED Flashlight app for Windows Phone 7


LED Flashlight is a simple and free flashlight app for Windows Phone. It uses the LED light on your device as a light source (the light used by the camera when taking photos).

Even if LED Flashlight is a very simple app, it includes some special features, most of them not available in the other flashlight apps:

  • Shake to toggle – you can shake the phone to toggle the flashlight
  • Camera button to toggle – you can use the camera shutter button to toggle the flashlight
  • Disable lock screen – you can disable the lock screen so that the light does not turn off by itself
  • Constant light – the LED light does not flicker like some other flashlight apps

Please note that this app will not work on devices with xenon flash or devices that do not have a flash at all.

You can download the LED Flashlight app from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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