Gen.Y Manila v2.1 VGA CFC R1(TF3Dv2.1.38658.0)

Another Manila VGA port (TF3Dv2.1.38658.0), the new v2.1 manila is a great improvement in terms of stability and performance.

Included in CAB/OEM
AudioManager: required for searching and playing music (included in htc stock rom)
> requires DRMMiddleWare
MessageEnhancement: required for enhanced email view and pressing numbers/links in messages
AudioBooster: required for the AudioBooster link in the music tab (included in htc stock rom)
EnlargeStartMenu (new version): required for Manila Start Menu
HTC EmailSetupWizard: required for the mail setup link in settings and the mail tab
PushInternetEngine: required for push internet
FaceBookEngine: required for facebook integration
NewContactCard: required for the edit contact link
> Requires ContactUtilityEngine
HTCSharedModules: required for Manila & Haptic Feedback
> Haptic Feedback requires DShow from Topaz/Rhodium
> Topaz/Rhodium TouchFlo MUI file(WM6.1 only): required for extra options in TouchFlo settings
SensorSDKv4: required for Manila auto rotation*
Album v3 (or newer) and MediaToolkit: required choosing contact picture and settings wallpaper
> Album requires HTCScroll (v1 or newer) and ResourceProxy

NOT Included in CAB/OEM
Arcsoft MMS: required for “Send Contact by Message” link
Tachi/Topaz or Rhodium dialer: required for dialing out from the manila contact page
Google Maps v3.x: required for pinpointing a location that’s saved in a contact’s info
Tachi/Topaz or Rhodium VolumeControl: required to enable/disable single volume control


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