Klaxon – G-Sensor and Light Sensor Enabled Alarm Clock for HTC Touch Pro

Using Klaxon is pretty straightforward; it’s more or less like the standard Clocks and Alarms application.

G-Sensor Instructions:

  • Flip your phone over to snooze.
  • Shake your phone to turn the alarm off.

Latest updates:

  • Fixed bug where Klaxon immediately closes because it thinks it was shook when the alarm starts (bug in HTC G-Sensor being initialized). I haven’t experienced this myself, but I think that is what is happening from the indication in the various logs I received.
  • Fixed bug where disabling an alarm does not actually disable it.
  • Made Home Screen integration optional: The “My Windows Alarm is firing with Klaxon” bug/issue is tricky. This is happening because I tried to integrate Klaxon alarm with the HTC home screen. I am enabling the Windows in the registry to achieve this, but since this goes around Windows, the alarm never actually gets scheduled and should not fire; but apparently for some people it is. To get integration working properly, do the following:
    • Disable all Windows alarms.
    • Start Klaxon, and turn on the new setting to enable Home Screen integration.
    • DO NOT USE WINDOWS ALARMS ANYMORE! Using Windows alarms while trying to use Klaxon integration is what is causing the problem. If you must use Windows alarm with Klaxon, I would turn home screen integration off.
  • Klaxon now restores your original volume after the alarm is shut off.
  • Clicking the alarm now opens the Edit form.


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