Free Online Storage, Is It Worth It?

Online back up services allows you to keep your important data and files in a safe and secure online storage. This service allows you to upload data to a web based server either manually or automatically. You can store your files and use them at a later time when you need to. Access to your account is only granted to you alone. A typical online back up service will cost you about $5 a month. If you think this is too much for you, you can opt to use free online storage.

There are various online storage companies that do offer free backups for small amount of data and files. You can usually get 2 GB of space at no cost. Most of these free services work with various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. It can even back up files from your Android phones and smartphones.

Most of these online storage providers do offer this free service as part of their promotion and marketing strategy to entice users to avail of their paid services in case they would require more storage space for their data and files. This is also a good way of testing the waters and so you get the feel of how it is to back up your files online.

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