Eugenia Project MTTY USB SIGNED Driver for Windows Vista/7 x64

As you know, for making your device to work with mtty on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you had to reboot, disable signed driver control, install the driver and go on with mtty.
Ouh, and after a reboot you’ll get a not working device if you don’t restore the “old – new” driver!

From now, you won’t have this problem anymore!

With the Eugenia USB x64 Signed Driver you will only install the driver without any reboot or disabling driver signature controls, and it works even after rebooting!
This driver will work with MTTY and RUUs (including CustomRUUs) flawlessly and without any complicated procedures!

What’s included in the package:
*- A signed certificate for the driver,
*- The driver,
*- The installer.

Installing the driver:
*- Decompress the archive
*- Make sure your device isn’t connected to USB
*- Run the file named “RunThis”
*- Connect your device to USB.

If the device won’t work, you have to tell your system to use the new driver.
To do that (on Windows 7):

*- Right click on Computer, then click Properties.
*- Click on Device Manager
*- Expand “Mobile devices” and double click HTC USB Sync (or unknown device if it is recognized like that)
*- Click on the “Driver” tab, then click on the “Update Driver…” button
*- Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”, then on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
*- Click on “Have disk…” and select the driver in the folder where you’ve uncompressed the archive.
*- Double click on Eugenia HTC USB Sync



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