Tweak your Windows Mobile device for max ringtone volume

By default the ringtone volume of Windows Mobile are low as compared to the original volume i.e. if we listen to the ringtone on a pc or through music player than it is much more lounder as compared to when applied as ringtone. This tweaks enable maximum volume for ringtone on windows mobile.

Edit the following registry keys to have corresponding values:

1) HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Attenuation:
Value 0: DWORD, Value data: 0
Value 1: DWORD, Value data: 1
Value 2: DWORD, Value data: 1
Value 3: DWORD, Value data: 1
Value 4: DWORD, Value data: 1
Value 5: DWORD, Value data: 1

2) HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring:
Value AttenuationCategory: DWORD, Value data: 4
Value DefaultSound: Leave alone, default
Value Directory: Leave alone, default
Value InitVol: DWORD, Value data: 5
Value Speaker: DWORD, Value data: 1 (Thanks leepriestenator!)

3) Soft reset

4) Test with an incoming call… your max volume should be much louder than before!

WARNING: As with any other ringtone, if this makes your ringer sound too loud & with static, then your source ringtone is too loud and must be adjusted down as this could blow out your speaker after extended use!

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