WP7 Linkup custom ROM for HTC TyTn II (HTC Kaiser)

Windows Phone 7 UI complete with animation and appropriate widgets custom ROM for HTC TyTn II (HTC Kaiser). All major sections of the OS have been themed appropriately. Based on Throttle Launcher theme provided by the rich community on XDA forums and Window Phone The Throttle Launcher version is much more thorough than manila utilising Fireslave’s WP7 1.5 theme, but may not contain some of the software typical to manila builds.

This is release 6 of Noxz Rom, based on one of the latest and fastest Window Phone 6.5.x builds, in this case build 23123.

1. Kernel: 6.5.x Native Kernel – 85mb: Now with ~30mb RAM under typical load.
2. Fast OEM Drivers: mixture of newer 6.5 native and older ones. (olders ones included for compatibility)
3. WP7 v.1.5.5 Theme for throttlelauncher – Now QVGA can have the same elegant theme afforded to “big brother devices”
4. New Keyboard – Fingerboard – found to be alot less buggy than ez-input.

The ROM is loaded with typical essentials, nothing too fancy.



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