Huawei U8500 recovery ROM


This is a working recovery for Huawei U8500 – a modified clockworkmod recovery. It seems that this phone is highly unpopular.

Here you can download this modified version : Download

Steps to install recovery:

1. Download the clockworkmod
2. Unrar it somewhere on your computer
3. Turn off your phone
4. Press & Hold volume down key + call end (red) key and then press power key.
5. Launch the .bat file on your computer + connect your phone via USB
6. When it’s finished, take out the battery and wait 5 seconds before putting it back in
7. Then you can access the recovery by holding volume up key + call(green) key

If your phones Android build version doesn’t end with “712”, you need to update it to the beta release, you’ll have more functional dual-touch.

Here is the beta Froyo update for Huawei U8500 : Download

To install it:

1. Unrar it to your computer, and find a folder named “dload” with the biggest size.
2. Copy that “dload” filder to root of your SD card
3. turn off phone
4. Hold volume up key + end call (red) key and the press power key. Wait for it to load, it will say something like “Updating system” Wait for it to finish, if it says fail, just try again
5. After it says “Update complete” or “Update successful” just restart your phone and you’ll have the new beta firmware.

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