Gingerbread theme for Swype (HVGA)

Let’s face it, Swype is ugly and there are not many HVGA themes out there, so here we have a Gingerbread-inspired HVGA Swype theme.

What you need:

  1. apk manager (
  2. ADB pull your Swype from /data/app/
  3. HxD if you want to modify the color of the tracer line (
  4. Swype GB theme files (attached — download and unzip)

How-to install:

  1. in apk manager, place Swype apk into folder place-apk-here-for-modding
  2. run Script.bat
  3. choose 19 (-Select compression level for apks-)
    • choose 0 for compression level
  4. choose 22 (-Set current project-)
    • choose the number corresponding to your Swype file
  5. choose 9 (-Decompile apk-)
  6. go into apkmanager > projects > [app folder name] > assets > keyboards and overwrite Swype keyboard PNGs with themed files.
  7. go into apkmanager > projects > [app folder name] > res > drawable and overwrite Swype horizontal selection highlight files with themed files. (these are for landscape mode word suggestions — see screenshot#5)
  8. go into apkmanager > projects > [app folder name] > res > drawable-hdpi and overwrite Swype voice input files with themed files. (see screenshot#4)
  9. if you want to change the color of the Swype trail:
    • go into apkmanager > projects > [app folder name] > lib > armeabi
    • open in HxD
    • CTRL+F (search) for DD A2 5B
    • find a color you want to use and note it’s HEX value. (IIRC, I used #ffba00)
    • switch values around so that it is B-G-R (mine would be 00 BA FF)
    • replace values and save
    • a .bak file will be created in the directory — delete it
  10. when you are finished with all mods, go back to console window and choose 11 (-Compile apk-)
    • choose Y (-is this a system apk-)
    • followed by N (-would you like to copy over any additional files-)
  11. choose 12 to sign your apk
  12. signed apk is in place-apk-here-for-modding folder
  13. uninstall your previous version of Swype before installing this one!


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