The Future of Mobile Phones


The Future of Mobile Phones

The Future of Mobile Phones


The rise of the mobile phone in the past few decades has been astounding. While they were once a technological luxury, now it seems we can’t be parted from our tiny portable text and call machines.

Yet today, it’s not just these two functions that we rely on our phones for – these days we use our devices to access information and media content on the go. As a result of this technology becoming the norm, we often become frustrated when we can’t access such information at our fingertips.

Few could have predicted how far the technology would come in recent years. As we look to the future, are our estimations of what is coming next being inflated by the speed of innovation we have seen up until now?

Size matters
Currently, we are witnessing a slight regression in mobile phone evolution in terms of size. At one point, modern phones were getting increasingly smaller and more compact, yet now it seems that larger phones are becoming more desirable.

With our craving for portable services becoming more and more difficult to fulfil, consumers are turning to combined phone and tablet devices to increase connectivity and enhance our ability to digest information.

Multi-functional uses
Known as ‘phablet’ technology, the larger devices enable us to create documents, watch films and television and access social media on a more easily navigable and larger screen, while keeping the functionality of a mobile phone.

Of course, with our desire for data on the go comes the need for much larger allowances on our payment plans. Luckily, a number of pay monthly phones come with high download limits and favourable roaming charges.

If you can’t afford a new phone every year, the best way to keep up with the new advances in technology is to take advantage of great contract deals.

For example, with pay monthly phone deals from Virgin Media Mobile you can own any top-of-the-range mobile phone currently on the market with either no upfront cost, or a small charge to pay in comparison to buying the phone outright.

What’s next?
So what can we expect next in the evolution of the smartphone market?


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