Windows Phone 7 Series advantages over iPhone

There will be two types of apps running on Windows Phone 7 series:

1. Apps with no need to run in the background
2. Apps that do need to run in the background

Examples of type 1 are games, spreadsheets and word processors.
Examples of type 2 are IM apps like Palringo, and music streaming services such as Pandora.

What will happen is that when you develop an app, by default it will not have the rights to use the background APIs. In order to gain access to them and have an app run in the background, you’ll need to ask Microsoft to provide the access and make it a type 2 app. Microsoft will only allow this if you can convince them it is necessary for the functioning of your app.

Type 1 apps will simply pause when the user switches away from them. They will remain in memory but will be unable to execute any code until the user switches back to them, whence they will resume execution. This will ensure the app cannot hog any CPU and cause the UI to stutter or slow down. This is definitely a good thing.

Type 2 apps are given access to particular APIs to allow them to, for instance, download updates or postings on IM systems. This will be strictly controlled and priority will always be given to the UI, again to ensure it remains smooth and responsive.

So the answer is – yes it will multitask but only when it is truly needed. It will ensure a smooth user experience whilst still allowing background operations.

As for comparing to the iPhone:
-WP7 will be available in different hardware configurations, giving the consumer a choice in the style and capability of their device.
-Xbox integration, which will most likely include Arcade games (ported for playability of touchscreens).
-Better hardware standards.
-Not quite as locked down (hopefully).

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