Windows Phone 7 Series – Microsoft is in the game again hoping to regain market share!

The new mobile Operation System was introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. This is an attempt of Microsoft to rebrand its Windows Mobile and it is one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects. This is pretty clear because the new mobile operation system Windows Phone 7 is different from its predecessors. It seems that the Windows Phone 7 is having a completely altered screen and user interface. The mobile system offers new and better networking tools. The usual icons are replaced by oversized squares that fill the screen. This gives the system very modern look and feeling of clarity. The text is also very big a beautiful. It resembles a little bit the Zune HD. All this big bold letters and interface elements give the phone very natural look. Windows Phone 7 Series has live, real-time data seamlessly integrated, in the same sense as Palm’s webOS and Android. The tiles on the Start screen can be totally customized. The tiles are also updated dynamically with new content, like daily temperature or someone’s status, newest updates and photos. Basically what you do every day, can be done without leaving the home screen in most cases. Everything is build around the so called “hubs”, which are six. The categories include People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace. We already mentioned that the Windows Phone 7 Series displays one’s status and latest photos. The place where this happens is the People hub. The Pictures hub keeps all user’s photos and videos. The Games section will grant access to the Xbox Live. Because of the Xbox Live integrations, Windows Phone 7 will download and play games bought in the Xbox Live online shop. The available titles in the Xbox Live Marketplace are about 300. This is a result of a Microsoft’s plan announced in 2007, to integrate Xbox Live experience into phones, as part of the “Live Anywhere” program. The Mobile Phone 7 user will be able sync and play content that is downloaded through the Zune Marketplace Store. This is as a result of the integration of the Zune player software into Windows Phone 7 Series. Of course these functions are available in the Music + Video Hub. The office hub offers productivity tools such as: Office, OneNote and SharePoint Marketplace. The users will be able to read, edit and share documents. Outlook Mobile is also included in this category as a tool for managing e-mails, appointments etc.
The new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series is the attempt of the software giant to regain positions in the mobile space competition. Microsoft entered the game in 1996. However Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android gain market share and rise popularity leaving the Microsoft’s Mobile Operation systems far behind. For example Windows Mobile lost one third of its Smartphone market share between 2008 and 2009. As a result of this, Microsoft ended the year with only 7.9 percent of the total market share.


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