Windows Phone 7 Series homescreen UI for WM6.5

This is a preview, it’s alpha and can be unstable at times.

This is a homescreen/lockscreen app I made, based off of the Windows Phone 7 Series Metro UI.

So far, you can:

  • Set Phone, Text, Outlook, and People to a certain app
  • See upcoming appointments on lock screen
  • See information on live tiles


1) Download installer at bottom of post.
2) Copy to device and install
3) Run wp7s.exe from start menu
4) To access settings, double tap on right side of screen
5) To lock, tap the top bar (near clock)

Known issues
* Animations are sluggish at times.
* Problems with kinetic scrolling
* …need more feedback

VGA or WVGA device, QVGA is possible but looks bad.
Recommended: Snapdragon processor or at least a very new phone.

Live tiles
The live tiles seen are web pages that auto-update with JavaScript.
In the video/screenshot, one is the current weather in New York,
the second one is the current trending Twitter topics,
and the last two are random changing numbers.

To make your own, just design a HTML or PHP file, use JavaScript to auto refresh, upload it somewhere, and set it to one in the settings!

Also, here are some examples I’ve made:
Random Number (for testing) –
Top 4 trending topics –
Weather –[ZIPCODE]

Upcoming features
More customization (background, etc)
Smoother animations/scrolling
Ability to rearrange icons
Right-side program launcher
Social networking integration


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