Windows Phone 7 ROM for HTC HD2 – released

Dark Forces Team officially announced release of LEO70 projectWIndows Phone 7 for HTC HD2

DFT team after five months of development, finally succeeded in running project “LEO70”, Windows Phone 7 on HD2. Thanks and credit  to the DFT team’s: bepe, Cotulla, speical thanks for DA_G’s assistance without him this project will not that easy, and  thanking all people had supported us , I wish you all a happy flashing!

Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 – DFT video preview

Evereytnihg works, minimal changes are needed in the future updates:

  • Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine. During a call when you can adjust the volume.
  • Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash). Green camera can be used for camera activation.
  • WiFi turn on, turn off, fast, and works for available networks properly, unable to make detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).
  • Bluetooth functional normally, but have not detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).
  • Sync with the Zune works.
  • Accelerometer works, autorotation works with beautiful effects.
  • Screen brightness control can be manually controlled. Automatic works fine too.
  • Ability to choose custom wallpaper works.
  • Lock screen, unlock correctly, including password.

To synchronize contacts / calendar / email, you need to manually set up an account on Hotmail. Using MS Hotmail Connector you can synchronize the device with Outlook.

Hard reset:

During boot, until the screen displays the \ “1234 \”, then hold VolumeUP + VolumeDown, and do not let the buttons go until you see the message. Double-click VolumeDown to clean the data.


SD card will be available for Windows only, if it is in the device during the first boot. Removing the SD-card would entail the destruction of user data, and will need a hard reset! NOT all the SD-cards are compatible with WP7. If your card is not compatible with WP7, it will not be used to store data and can cause random reboots. WARNING: WP7 format the SD-card during the first boot. On the SD-card will be created two partitions during the \ “cold \” upload. First – FAT-partition 200Mb, and the second in an unknown format – used in a RAID-e, together with main memory.

Supported cards list:

So first SD Card witch is compatible is the SanDisk 8GB class 2 micro SD card.

– SanDisk microSDHC_8GB

– SanDisk microSDHC_16GB

– SanDisk microSDHC_32GB

– SanDisk microSDHC_4GB

-SanDisk microSD_2 GB

The overall feeling is, turn on quickly, into the system for about 20 seconds, memory control system runs extremely smooth, very good. Comes with original programs click on it again, almost cotton feel to the system, you can say speed of first-class, stable. Very good, however, the shutdown is very slow!


How-to flash WP7 on your HD2 – CLICK HERE


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