Walt Mossberg: Windows Phone 7 is not that good

Walt Mossberg, the famous signature of the technology sector of the Wall Street Journal, has tested a few weeks, two smartphones with Windows  Phone 7: Samsung Focus and HTC HD7. His considerations are not very positive.

According to the journalist WP7 has too many limitations to compete with other operating systems for smartphones. In light of the fact that it was launched four years after IOS and 2 years after Android, it is very unfortunate that lacks basic functions such as copy / paste, flash in the browser, VoiceMail and support the massive third-party applications.

Windows Marketplace, Microsoft’s store will have 1,000 applications within the next month. Very few when compared to the App Store and its applications 300,000 and 100,000 Android Market and its applications. Support for Office files also does not work very well. The only positive elements are the integration of services such as Microsoft X-Box Live and Zune Connect.

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