Windows Phone 7 features

The real issue here are the features that will never be coming because Microsoft have decided we’re all too stupid to ever have a need for them. Allowing users to manage their own file system is a major one and has vast implications. I don’t think Microsoft will ever open up the file system because they haven’t designed it as a file system that is ever meant to be accessed by users. We’ve all heard that this means you wont be able to get certain file types onto your phone throuigh any means other than email or download.

We all understand by now that we will never be able to use the phone as a portable storage device.

What most users don’t understand though is this:

  1. If you have ebooks/comics on your computer, you will most likely never be able to read them on your device.Instead: you will have install an application that will make you re-purchase them from the internet. There are some ebook readers that will allow you to download free eboks from places like project Gutenberg, so we’ll all have to either enjoy reading Black Beauty and anything else that was written before 1950, or we will have to re-purchase books we already own. The same will go for your cbz/cbr files.

    Does this sound like a money making racket to you? It does to me!

  2. You will never get a 3rd party application that can load external files (that aren’t images) – Hoping for a hiking app that can load those GPX routes you have on your harddrive? – You’re better off getting an android.
  3. You will never be able to swap out memory cards. You will never be able to upgrade your phones storage (unless you format it and start again)

There is some hope. Microsoft could create a shared space/partition on the phone that allows users to manage the files within, and allows applications to access it. This could be done while still keeping the rest of the areas in the phone secure. As developers we need to petition Microsoft to allow the platform to become as powerful as we need it to be.

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