The Galaxy SIII won’t be revealed at the Congress [confirmed]

Samsung Galaxy SIII the best upcoming smartphone
Samsung Galaxy SIII


As many rumors have recently stated, the Galaxy SIII, the successor of Samsung’s most popular smartphone line, isn’t going to be released at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona, where the first two Galaxy S device made their debut. Samsung say, that the reason for this is the decrease of the time between the phone’s debut and it’s release on the market, which everybody hates. This information is coming from TechRadar, a British website, which has recently interviewed a Samsung spokesman. Another possible (though unofficial) reason for the device not to be revealed at the Congress is the fact, that it would be better for its image if it got a proper premiere – not at an event, along with tens of other devices. So far, it seems likely for the device to be revealed between March and June, just in time for it to get a bit of a head start against its main competitor – the iPhone 5, which is rumored to be released this Summer. B. A.

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