Free laptop deals, at a cost

There’s only one reason that anyone ever has to purchase a broadband connection. That is of course to connect their computer to the Internet. What if you’re ready to join the information technology age but don’t yet own a computer. Many broadband providers in the United Kingdom offer a free laptop deals as an incentive for those who signed up with their mobile broadband company. On the surface this seems a great opportunity for one to get a deal on broadband and an even better deal for a free computer. A comparison found at seems to make us feel otherwise. Yes, most of the UK’s broadband providers do offer deals that include a free laptop computer. A broadband service and price comparison including a look at pay as you go mobile broadband reveals that those signing up for free laptop computers end up paying almost twice as much for their monthly service and end up receiving a connection speed that is generally speaking too slow for most purposes. Our conclusion after reading the information found at Broadband Choices is that your contract for broadband and your purchase of a desktop or laptop computer should be kept completely separate.

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