The first Motorola smartphone with an Intel processor


Motorola with Intel Medfield processor
Motorola with Intel Medfield processor


So far we weren’t expecting Motorola to reveal any mobile devices at the Mobile Congress, but they might just end up surprising us. At least that’s what PocketNow say, as they have recently gotten hold of an image, showing a new Motorola smartphone, which runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is not the interesting part though – this is going to be their first device to use Intel’s new Medfield series mobile processors, which was said to hit the market this year.

There’s no other information about the specs of the smartphone, neither is there anything about the price or the mobile operators that will release the phone on contract, but the images show Motorola’s new interface. The device is also said to have a very good camera, which is going to be able to shoot stills in 15 fps. The first smartphone using a Medfield processor was revealed by Lenovo at CES just a few weeks ago. That’s also when Motorola announced their partnership with Intel and that we can expect a phone of their, featuring such a processor to hit the market later this year. B. A.


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