HTC HD7 WiFi connection problems

The most commented topic on the forums – HTC HD7 users are not happy with the WiFi connection on the phone, it’s really disappointing for HTC if this is true. If you remember that before the release of Windows Phone 7 OS, the CEO of HTC was said that with their new phones wouldn’t be any WiFi connection problems. Of course, this information was referring to the iPhone 4 connection problems.

All HTC HD7 T-Mobile USA owners are not being able to connect properly to the 802.11n WiFi networks. The official documentation also mentions the support for 802.11n WiFi capabilities but in the stores of the company the specs only includes Wi-Fi features listing without mentioning the version.

We also have information that the issue with WiFi connectivity in Europe is the same as in the USA, the devices used to connect but stopped a few weeks later and the issue remains even after resetting the device which would suggest it is a hardware issue. If there is a common problem for connecting Windows Phone 7 devices to WiFi access points, hidden SSID does not appear to be the common issue.

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