Vita’s OS may also be used on smartphones and tablets

PlayStation Vita OS
PlayStation Vita


Even though the financial results show, that Sony’s sales have gone up by 65% in 2011, the company lost €247, which probably didn’t make the managers of the Japanese giant very happy. This means, that Sony are very likely going to try out another strategy in order to get back at the top – the company’s new CEO said in a recent statement, that the platform, used in their new portable gaming console – the PlayStation Vita, is generally optimized for mobile devices. According to one of the vice presidents of Sony Computer Entertainment, the OS is very flexible and has been designed in such a way, that it can easily be adapted to be used on smartphones and tablets. So far the company is rejecting the rumors, that they’re implementing it in such products, but who knows what they might decide to surprise us with in the future. B. A.

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