TCPMP new VS2008 builds for WM6.1 with FLV built in

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.These new builds have 2 main advantages over the original builds:

1) They run on the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMS where the original build crashes (crash.txt message).
2) They support the FLV format straight out of the CAB.

On the Kaiser you must use ‘GDI’ or ‘Raw FrameBuffer’ for decent performance, unless you have the latest WM6.1 roms which have Directdraw working at a reasonable pace.



Added MPEG4.PLG from source found in TCPMP 0.66
FFMPEG updated

recomp-03 – 27/5/08

Installs and runs on WM2003 devices
Detects Kaiser, allows ‘Direct’ video output
Source zip now has ASM files
Small optimizations



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