Flash Lite v3.1 – works in youtube, google videos and some flash games


For it to work:

  • Opera and flash need to be installed in the SAME place (main memory or SD card)
  • Be using the newest Opera Build, 1938 ( Upgrade cab here)
  • Have Windows Mobile 6.1 Core 20000+ (Some 19000+ builds work, and some WM6 work, but it seems to be a bit unreliable – WM5 will not work atm)
  • Do NOT Use the official beta, it DOES NOT WORK
  • Remove all other version of flash first, it will not work if they are installed/cooked into your rom


  • If you want to uninstal it, its called Anryl My Mobile Application
  • This does not seem to work with IE
  • This will NOT work with opera Mini
  • This does not seem to work on netfront
  • The Null keyboard cab attached is to deal with the problem with the virtual keyboard poping up when you click on a flash vid, its a bit messy but works for the time being.
  • Wont work with Windows Mobile Standard untill there is a version of opera 9.5 for it. (unless there is?)
  • Seems in some cases you need to hard reset before it will work, try both cabs first though.

Download links and original source here.

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