Should we be expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 new tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6


Samsung have recently announced, that the first device to use the new dual-core Exynos 5250 processor are going to be tablets and it’s very likely, that they’re introduced at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona this month. According to the German website Tabtech, the Korean company is going to reveal an 11.6″ tablet with a 2560 х 1600 display, which uses the new chip. Whether or not such a resolution is necessary on an 11.6″ display is another point all together, but we’re just hoping, that it’s not too much for the GPU to handle (most computers have lower resolution displays). Still, such a display would make the device competitive to the iPad 3, which is also rumored to be quite a spectacular device screen-wise. According to another rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 is going to have a stylus, just like the Galaxy Note – Samsung’s all purpose tablet-o-phone. B. A.

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