Samsung and Apple looking into waterproof coating for mobile devices


Motorola DEFY water-proof
Motorola DEFY


One of the many technologies we’re jealous of Japanese users about is water resistance, which we don’t normally see on American and European phones, with the exception of some mid- or low-range series, such as Motorola’s Defy. Finally, though we may see top-end water-resistant smartphones, thanks to HzO – a company which is currently developing a coating, which should be able to make any device water-resistant. The company showed off their product at this year’s CES and even put an iPhone, covered with the special coating in a tank of water and the device kept on working. It seems, that this demonstration has impressed some of the big companies, as HzO have already started discussing the possibilities to implement this technology in future Samsung and Apple products.  The first devices to use this cover should be expected by the end of this year, but if you want to have it on your device now, there is another company called Liquipel, to which you can send your phone and for just $60 it’ll send it back to you completely waterproof.  B. A.

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