Garmin Asus A10 – navigation with style

Garmin Ltd is the company which is well known for the global satellite navigation. It has designed and introduced product which begins with easy-to-use menus, logical options, and intuitive features. It serves automotive, marine units, aviation, fitness, outdoor recreation and wireless application where let the Garmin users can get the wealth of information in timely manner.

In the April 2010, Garmin had announced for launching of a new product, which is Garmin Asus A10. Garmin Asus A10 is the latest and newest Android smart phone with the Garmin navigation. It is the co-branded between Asus and Garmin Ltd. Garmin-Asus A10 is specially designed for the pedestrian. It will mainly focus on pedestrian-friendly features and navigation for Europe and Asia-pacific and it estimated to be marketed at mid of 2010.

It is such good news to Android lover, where you can use the satellite navigation service from Garmin. The satellite navigation would make the traveling easier and simple. You can search for the route before the trip. During the trip, it would give you direction through voice system all the time and you will never lost. It is essential to have Garmin for those who have no direction sense.


The co-brand of Asus and Garmin would bring a gadget which let users to enjoy the versatility of Android and Garmin GPS location technology. It helps you to connect the world. Garmin Asus A10 has a sleek and stylish outlook with 3.2 inch HVGA touch screen. It has 3 touch buttons which positioned below the screen. The large screen of the Garmin Asus A10 enables to let users to view the map and route in proper size. When you are travelling by car or foot, you can easily search for the address and directed by the voice system the entire journey. It will tell the street name and turn-by-turn direction.  As this modal would focus on pedestrian features thus the junction view and lane assist would be provided.

The platform of Garmin Asus A10 is the Android 1.6 Enhanced platform which comes with preloaded Google Mobile Services. It means that you can use this smart phone to sign in your Google account to enjoy the services provided by Google, such as Gmail, Google Talk and others. There are more than 30,000 applications that the users can expand. In order to optimize the ability of connectivity with the friends, family and world, it is compatible with the Microsoft Exchange server and wireless synchronization.

The features of Garmin Asus A10 include 5 megapixel camera which enables the users could capture the picture in clear and high resolution quality. The Geo tags picture function would let you to get the exact location details and share it with your friends and family.  The screen could be viewed in landscape and portrait mode with its built-in-accelerometer. Moreover, the Google Voice search of the A10 would enable you to search for destination by speaking the point of interest information. It is great for the drivers who needs the direction while in the mid of journey.

The battery of Garmin Asus A10 is 1500mAh Lithium which is able to standby for up to 18 days and up to 9 hours for talk time. The long life of battery would enable the trip goes on smoothly. You can use your A10 for navigation and other services for whole day.

The excellent GPS capabilities of Garmin Asus A10 lets you no worry about the route of journey. It give a clear and straightforward map screen with its 3.2 inch touch screen. In addition the pedestrian mode mentioned earlier would let you to have the junction view and lane assist to get more information about the location that you planned.

Garmin Asus A10 would like to let you connect to the world. The connected services provided would let you have useful localized content.  These services include TrueLocal Local Search, Ciao, Flight Status, Safety Cameras, Panoramio, Free Map updates, Converter, Fuel and weather. TrueLocal Local Search enables to search for business in your area. Using the Flight Status to check for the flight departure or arrival times from the airport worldwide advanced in your vacation planning. Map updates would let your map get to up-to-date without fee. Those services would let you get the real time information for your vacation planning.

A10 would be the best choice for you in order to enjoy the Android services and the excellent GPS navigation from Garmin.

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