iPhone’s are manufactured by 13-year-olds

iPhone 4S white
iPhone 4S


Apple’s mobile products are very popular and in some parts of the world, they’re even a symbol of a high social status. Still, even though a lot of you probably like the whole range of mobile iDevices, I bet, most of  you haven’t ever wondered where or by who they are manufactured. Well, according to american journalists, who did a research on the question, the huge profits are only possible, because, in their factories in China, Apple are using production techniques, which wouldn’t be allowed in the USA. The same problem also exists with most other hi-tech companies, which manufacture their products in Asia, but as such a popular company, Apple’s actions are examined more closely. Just a few days ago, the American radio NPR hosted a special program, in which they revealed some shocking facts about the way Apple’s devices are manufactured in the Foxconn facilities. There was also an interview with a 13-year-old worker, who polishes thousands of iPhone screens daily, who said, that about 5% of the workers are underage and Apple are aware of this fact.

iPhone factory girl
iPhone girl


An American journalist, called Mike Daisey, recently went to visit a few Chinese factories, in which tens of thousands of people were working at the same time in giant halls in complete silence. There were no machines, but none were needed as human labor is so cheap in China, that using machines is more expensive in the long run. The workers are normally on 12 hours shifts, but if they’re manufacturing a popular device (such as the iPhone, for instance)  they work 14 or even 16 hours a day with cameras constantly monitoring whether or not they’re working fast enough. In some factories, even forbidden chemicals are used, such as hexane, which acts as a toxin and causes problems with the nervous system. It’s used to clean iPhone screens, because it evaporates quickly and this means the production line can go faster.

iPhone 5 workers
iPhone 5 workers


Still, as bad as these conditions sound, for a lot of people in China they’re a good alternative to working at the rice fields – this way they earn $250 a months, whereas at the fields all they get is $50. Of course, Apple can easily afford to pay those workers a lot better, but this would reduce their overall profits (which are too high anyway) , so as long as it’s not illegal, why would they?

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