HTC Touch Pro2 Neopeek’s Android Ports + Cyanogen

Latest Android ROM for HTC Touch Pro2, release 02-08-2010 (Base: RC2 Nightly NEW BUILD * NEW INSTALLER)

What works:

  • WIFI
  • DATA

Keep in mind! All you do by now you do it on your own risk!

* Create an EXT2-Partition with a minimum size of 300MB (see video-tutorial in this article)
* Download Neopeek Android Installer
* Extract to the root of your internal memory / sdcard
* Download Haret-Paket
* Extract contents of Haret-Paket to the root of your internal memory / sdcard
* Now Download latest CyanogenMod6-Port or any other Android (please have a look into our community. There are lot of builds available). Now rename this download to androidinstall.tar.gz and put it into the npkinstall-folder. There are several Text-Files in this folder like diamond.txt, raphael.txt etc. Just rename the one that matches your device to startup.txt.
* Now run install.exe within the npkinstall-folder. Your device will reboot when it has finished installation.
* Move to the root of your memory where you have extracted Haret-Paket
* Locate Startups-Folder and copy the startup.txt which matches your device to the root of your memory
* Now run Haret.exe from the root of your memory and Android should boot up! That’s it.


Here are two videos which show you how to partition your internal memory or sdcard. You will need an EXT2-Partition to get Android booting up.


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